Look here for details on and contacts for refuse collection, our nearest recycling centre, fly tipping, dog and pest control, envionmental health, all East Devon District Council services and other agencies.

Refuse Collection 

East Devon District Council (EDDC) is responsible for our refuse collection. The collection day for our area is a Wednesday each week:

There is a collection every week for the green (dry) recycling bin and green bag for plastics

(paper, plastic bottles, textiles, telephone directories, cans, aerosols, household batteries, foil and mixed glass).

A collection every week for the blue food waste bin

A collection every three weeks for the grey wheelie landfill bin

Confirmation of your next collection date, an ability to report missed recycling, food or landfill waste together with other information can be found in Recycling and Waste  on the EDDC website. Enter your postcode in the box provided.

Clinical Waste Collection

There is a separate collection for clinical waste. Here is the procedure:

  • Obtain a clinical waste sack from the doctor’s surgery or hospital. It’s a bright orange bag with the initials ‘NHS’ and the words Clinical Waste’ (it could be a box, depending on likely waste material).
  • Advise EDDC direct on 01395 571515 to organise pick up.
  • Explain your location.
  • Identify if this is to be a ‘one off’ or regular collection. The collection team should leave a replacement container if you have identified a need for regular collections (confirm this with EDDC).
  • Put out the sack/box (as agreed with EDDC).

Please keep EDDC advised of any changes in collection requirements on the telephone number above.

Recycling Centre

Our nearest centre is Sutton Barton near Offwell (off the A35 Honiton to Axminster road), to the south east of Honiton.

Devon County Council is legally obliged to provide recycling centres for household waste to be accepted free of charge.  On April 1st 2011 they introduced a charge at recycling centres for accepting non-household waste that they are not obliged to accept, although this has been done free of charge in the past. Charges are now made for soil, rubble, plasterboard, asbestos and tyres at the following rates:

£2 per bag of rubble, which could contain brick, stone, gravel or soil, and ceramic sanitary ware.
£2 per tyre.
£7 per bag, or full sheet, of plasterboard.
£20 per bag, or full sheet, of asbestos  (this also needs prior arrangement and also needs to be appropriately wrapped. Please ring the Waste Management Team at Devon County Council on 0845 1551010 to book your disposal delivery. Devon County Council request that payment is made at the time of delivery in cash.

Charges will not be applied to general household waste and items such as garden waste, furniture, old electrical appliances, white goods and flat broken glass (well wrapped and labelled) etc, will still be accepted free of charge.

Other Items

For advice on disposal of old boats, acrs, caravans contact the Waste Management Team at Devon County Council on 0845 1551010.

Fly Tipping 

Fly tipping is any waste that is dumped without authority. East Devon District Council (EDDC) has a responsibility to collect fly tipping from public land such as highways. If you see any fly tipping that looks like it may be on public land please report it to EDDC on:

Tel: 01395 516551 or fax: 01395 517507

Where waste is fly tipped on private land it is the responsibility of the landowner to arrange its collection and disposal.

Fly tipping is illegal. It is a criminal offence. Flytippers can be fined up to £50,000 in Magistrates’ Court, face unlimited fines in higher courts as well as community punishment orders or prison sentences of up to 5 years. If you have any information concerning the identities of individuals responsible for fly tipping please contact the Environment Agency who are responsible for enforcing the law regarding waste disposal.

Dogs & Pest Control

This concerns dog wardens, rats, wasps and other nuisances. An external contractor provides these services on behalf of EDDC.

For more information and advice ring 01395 571517

Click here for dog warden web pages

Click here for pest control web page

Environmental Health

This concerns health and safety, noise and pollution, private sector housing, infectious diseases, contaminated land, licensing for animals/skin piercing/caravans.

For more information and advice ring 01395 517456

Click here for Environmental Health web pages

Ring the Right Person at East Devon District Council

East Devon District Council provides many of the services that affect you day to day. They have created a page on their website called ‘Ring the Right Person’ Click here to go to that page and see a list of all the contacts for all of their services.

Utilities and Other Agencies

Floodline – 0845 988 1188

Devon County Council – 0845 155 1015  (out of hours –  0845 1551004)

East Devon District Council  –  01395 516551  (out of hours 01395 516854)

Highway Emergencies 01392 383329

Water (flooded by sewage) 0800 169 1144

Weston Power –  Power Cuts  0800 365900 (worth making a note of this number as you’ll not be able to access this when there is a power cut!)

Gas (leaks) (pipelines which cross our parish) 0800 111999

BT (general enquiries) 01525 290647

Police  – 101 (this old number is still useable -08452 777444)

Met Office (Weather Call)  – 09014 722054