Awliscombe Young Wives Group

Young Wives is a very informal group of ladies.  Some of us are not young, and not all are wives, so there are no restrictions on joining!.

We meet at the beginning of the year in January to sort out the itinerary for the rest of the year.  At this meeting suggestions are made for ideas or events to be held monthly throughout the year.  Individual members volunteer to arrange one of the events, they go  away from that meeting and set up their date and organise the event.  All  this information is then collated and a calendar of events is produced.

It is then up to the organiser to remind everyone else what the next event will be (usually by e mail) and members that want to participate have to phone the organiser and book themselves in .  It all works without much fuss and everyone does there little bit. Because the events are organised by different people all the time, there is no set day each month, however most events do actually happen on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening.

 There is a small (£5) annual fee (which covers speaker fees etc).  If you are interested in joining please telephone Sally Lawrence on 01404 42825 or 07944 112 547


Jan   20 year celebration meal

Feb   Speaker – Iceland – Land of fire and Ice

Mar   2 Theatre trips

Apr   Evening at Races and Shopping trip to Swindon Outlet Centre

May   Walk in Bluebell Woods and Barn Dance

Jun   Walk and Pub meal at Otterton

Jul    Garden visit and canoeing Axmouth

Aug   Mackerell fishing and BBQ on beach afterwards

Sep   Macmillan Charity event

Oct   Computer lessons

Nov   Receipe swap and taster evening

Dec   Xmas shopping trip and weekend away

In the party mood……..(so this is what they really get up to!)