The Friday Club

Awliscombe Friday Club is a youth club that has been running since September 1983. It started as a holiday club run by Peter and Pauline Edwards. The club is a time for children  aged 5 to 12 years to have fun by meeting others , socialising, playing games and taking part in organised craft.

Activities have included card making, biscuit icing, painting, table-tennis, snooker and much much more…..

The club is still run by volunteers with a distinct Christian ethos. Meetings end with a short Bible-based talk, competition and song.

There is no membership charge for attending the Friday Club, but any voluntory contributions are gratefully received. Meetings occur in the Awliscombe Parish Hall from 6:30pm – 8pm and usually run each month from October to the following April.

For more information on tdates and times please contact Peter and Pauline Edwards on 01404 43729

Dates for 2011/2012 will be posted on this website when known