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Awliscombe Parish Council Website.

This site is intended to provide our community and visitors with information about our community, supporting services and facilities, and our way of life.

Below is a links to two documents that show all local businesses that are providing delivery and order service through the latest lockdown.

Honiton Corona Virus Network

Jan 2021 list of shops etc


Local Information

Here you will find details of public services and other useful information that support our regular needs and make the community what it is today. This section also provides information for our visitors including locally available accommodation.


These are the main facilities within the Parish (our Church, Parish Hall, primary school and both pubs). We also list the whereabouts of major facilities that we do not have locally. Also kept here are back numbers of the monthly publication of the Awliscombe & Weston Times.


Here we list our local clubs, societies and groups run by our community. We also identify facilities available in our neighbouring Parishes and in Honiton. These include sports, local attractions, accommodation, food & drink and the Arts.

Parish Council

You can find details of our Parish, District, County Councillors as well as member of the Westminster and EU parliaments. You can also see minutes and agendas of Parish Council meetings, the rules under which the Parish council operate, dates of future meetings (to which the public are always welcome), the Annual Reports and other policy documents, reports and minutes of meetings attended and responses to consultations from other agencies and bodies.

Contact Us

We hope you will enjoy looking at this site. If you have any suggestions for an improvement for this site or indeed a complaint please contact the website administrator (Sally Maynard – Parish Clerk). Please click here

PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – 25th January 2021

A meeting of the Parish Council is to be held remotely as per Clause 78 of the Coronavirus act 2020. This meeting is being held via the Zoom IT Platform and is open to the public.  Please use the link to the website below and use the meeting ID and password.  Normal meeting procedures will apply and members of the public are asked to only speak when invited to within Parishioners Questions.  Thank you.

Website link:   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81399238229?pwd=Q3JuTVIyZ0l6dml1RUZXZ3ZmSTdWdz09

All participants will be held in a virtual waiting room until meeting starts, members of the public included


Local Information

Click here if you would like to find out more about the local area of Awliscombe




Find out about current and recent event that are happening in Awliscombe



Click here if you would like to view some images of the local Awliscombe area


The Local Newsletter – The Awliscombe & Weston Times

Articles for inclusion or advertising in the Awliscombe and Weston Times please email:

Timandra Burford: timandrab@hotmail.com

Contact us at the Parish Council

If you would like to contact us at the Parish Council details of elected Councillors as follows:


Cllr Richard Lawrence (Chairman) 01404 42825

Cllr Paddy Gillingham 01404 43551  (Vice Chairman)           Cllr William Furnival  – Day 01404 891833/ Evening 01404 43994

Cllr Tom Harvey  01404 841341                                             Cllr Andrew Summers 07770 474757

Cllr Colin Wright 01404 890018                                              Cllr Nigel Boulton  01404 44431

General enquires please contact Sally Maynard (Parish Clerk) 01404 42962/07810 442355

Email: awliscombe.pc@gmail.com